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i have an active twitch channel with more than 2K followers, i stream every day or two, my content is tagged as it should be (correctly), my past streams are showing up on keymailer (done 4 streams after sign-up and all of them are showing in my account with detailed stats, everything is ok)

But my games covered stuck at 0, this is the first problem.
Second, there is a note, smth like "good channels which met criteria get accredited within 1-2 days etc".
pending means waiting for manual review.
SO i'm not even pending, 30 videos before sign-up at keymailer (they are shown in stats) + 4-5 videos after sign-up and they are also shown up, still not pending.

How can i get to review queue without that pending thingy?

1 Answer

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To get checked you need to get into pending.
I had a look on your account and saw that you are already accredited :)

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