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I didn't get any key that I requested from the day I joined keymailer.
The only keys I'm getting are the ones offered by publishers (I didn't Request Them)
But the ones I requested were not accepted or refused.
It's just stays on "Requested" status
I know I'm eligible to get keys from publishers because I have been getting them on my previous account.
Either my account is appearing not accredited to the publishers or they're not receiving my requests.
I've read many questions here and many people are having the same problem.
Please fix this.

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I had a look on your account and also checked it from the publishers and developers view and your account is completely normal, I did see your request as a dev as well. If your account would be blocked no one would be able to send you keys, it doesn't matter if requested or not. You would be invisible to any publisher and developer.
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