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I changed all my video's tags to match perfectly the official tag (except in my Hollow Knight videos, as there isn't an official tag), my channel has been pending for over a month now, how long should it take to get accredited?

Is there any way of refreshing my "Coverage Stream" section? I would like to see if my new videos get added right after they are uploaded to youtube.

Thanks for answering my last question, and thanks in advance for answering these ones as well.

Edit: My account went back to unaccredited, why is that? And what should I do to be pending again?

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Your content stream automatically refreshes every 48-72h. You get unaccredites as soon as there are less than 3 recent videos on your content stream, and goes back into pending as soon as there are enough again
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But I have uploaded 5 videos that don't appear on my coverage stream even though they have the correct tag. I also have one video uploaded that appears broken on my stream coverage (Swordbounce Areas 0 & 1.), as it says it has been deleted when you click the link, but can be seen if accessed from my youtube profile.
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