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Hi Guys,

I've been signed up since September and have been making great progress with my Twitch content, followers and subs but I've not yet been accredited. I am VR verified and producing regular and popular content.

Fully appreciate you have many, many accounts to go through, but I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out and take a look at my account for accreditation.

Thanks so much guys.

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Thanks for using Keymailer. We are working full time on accrediting as many profiles as possible. I saw you are using twitch as your main platform, on this we are as of right now on the subs level of ~200. To get down to ~60 will probably take around 1 or 2 weeks as we have roughly1600 profiles that have between 50-200 subs to go through. But it shouldn't take much longer than that.
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Hi thank you for the reply.

Can I confirm is that 200 subs or 200 followers for Twitch. I know YouTube's subs are the equivalent of Twitch's followers, but Twitch's subs are paid subcriptions. Just looking to confirm if your timescales are based on Twitch paid subscriptions or Twitch followers?

Do I keep getting pushed down the list because someone signs up to Keymailer with more followers than me? I've been a member for 2 months, and I was told similar information about a month ago with regards to "1 or 2 weeks". Is it possible to get a manual accreditation review? If it does work as above I feel like I'll never get accredited as I'll always be pushed down the list by someone else.

Many thanks for your help and support, and thank you for the opportunity to be part of what you are building guys.
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We are counting the followers.
Every account gets a manual accreditation, but yes, whenever someone gets into the pending stage and has more subscribers they show up in the list before you.
For accreditation we actually watch and skim through all of the items on your content stream and check it for its authenticity, which is why the accreditation takes some time.
Also as soon as there is a reason for a delay in the accreditation (usually happens with youtube - wrong tagging or multiple tagging) we need to re-check those accounts over and over again (usually we check them once a week again).
We also found a few bugs recently on twitch that prevented accounts of going into pending, and after resolving it we got a couple of thousand new profiles in. If alone 60% of those have more subs then you, it puts you further back into the list. We have been down to 50 subs on twitch as well as mixer roughly a month ago, (we are on 50 subs with mixer currently) but are still fighting through the twitch accounts. As of right now we have checked every account on the list with more than 153 followers, but we are not done for the day, so it will go further down.

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