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I saw this question has been asked in July and still hasn't got any appropriate answer.
How do I get a livestream from Twitch to appear on Keymailer when Twitch does not have the game listed on its database ?

I only see 3 options here :

-Either I stream the game in a different Twitch category (Games & Demo, Retro...) which is not recognized by Keymailer, and then, this video will never appear on Keymailer to correct the tags

-Either I put no category on my stream, and the stream will never appear on Keymailer, so I won't be able to correct the tags

-Either I stream the game under a fake category on Twitch (using a different game name) and hope Keymailer will allow me to correct the tags (on most of livestreams, it doesn't allow such option anymore), which is definitely not the best option

I saw some answers talking about the ability to add a video manually, but there is no such option (neither on my profile, neither on the setting) for twitch streamers.
So could anyone tell me the solution please ?
Thank you for advance

2 Answers

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Is the game on Keymailer? If it is but not on twitch I've only seen that when the game is banned on twitch. What game is it?
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The game is Evil Bank Manager. It is on Keymailer, but not on Twitch. Same thing happened with Death Space.
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If the game is not on twitch, we cannot add it in manually to twitch, we let the devs know that they need to go to Giantbomb and add it in there, as twitch takes its tags from there.

If you are accredited, you can manually change tags on keymailer. For this you need to go to your profile after it has been picked up and on your content item it shows on the right bottom "Edit Tags".

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