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Hello there!

I've got two videos saying: "This content item has been flagged as invalid."
One of them was uploaded by an automated system so was removed forcibly from youtube.
The other is perfectly correctly tagged.

I have a feeling that the second one got messed up because I played 3 different games in a single stream.
And thus had to tag 3 different games.

Personally, I don't like that your system just straight up calls me a liar so I'd love it if something can be done about those two entries.

Also how far back does the system take into account because I personally do not feel like going through the entire history of my channels and retag all my streams because they are all for some reason tagged as "Factorio" I already fixed an entire page of this but don't feel like going through 5 years of factorio tags.

And while I'm here I would like to thank you guys for the awesome platform and the opportunity to participate. :3

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I unflagged your video, so the video called "Let's check out some random games. Alien Swarm & hitman!" should show up again. Unfortunately, I cannot unflag the deleted video.
For accreditation we are only counting the videos of the last 3 months, so you don't need to check all of the tags of your old videos :)
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Sweet. Thank you so much.
Keep being you Keymailer. <3

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