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Hey Guys,

I joined Keymailer in July 2018, for the last few weeks I was under "Review" and since today I am Unaccredited and I do not understand why, the YouTube Channel has rising numbers, with daily Uploads (20minutes not 30 second videos) and since a couple of weeks I Stream nearly daily at Twitch also with rising number. Would be nice if you would at least tell me the reason, cause I know people with less followers, less videos and less activity that are accredited here.


Edit: Now I am Pending again, I am confused ;D

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Your account goes in and out of pending stage automatically, Keymailer is scanning through the accounts every few days to see if the account is still having all of the criteria met or if it is now meeting the criteria and is accordingly changing its status. So its possible you saw it while it hasn't updated in a few days!
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so the status "Under Review" does not mean anything?  And it's basically the same like pending cause it can switch always back to pending? Or do I just not get the difference between it?
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